Hearth Mulled Wine
$13.99 AUD

An aromatic fusion of citrus, red currant fruits, clove, cinnamon and herbal notes. A warm seamless blend of rich spice and fruit flavours, with a hint of sweetness and a balanced lingering finish.

Nutritional information:

muled nutrition 1


De-alcoholised wine (94% approx.)
Grape juice concentrate (6% approx.)
Natural flavours
This product may have been produced with the aid of milk and traces may remain.
Preservative (220) added.

Food pairing suggestions:

Traditionally enjoyed warm, Hearth can also be served chilled and is the perfect base for your next Sangria. Enjoy with meat, such as pork schnitzel, most types of cheese and cheese fondue, as well as  apple and cinnamon pie or cake.

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